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e-commerce technology

ROQQIO editorial staff | 15. March 2022

Sustainable website: How to make your website greener

Digitization has made many things easier and more environmentally friendly in our everyday life: digital communication channels reduce paper consumption, working from home and online meetings eliminate the need to drive to work, and digital recordings of product life cycles reveal resource savings in production...


e-commerce trade

ROQQIO editorial staff | 16. February 2022

Live shopping: fad or new shopping experience?

Entertainment and shopping are increasingly merging and can hardly be separated from one another. Live shopping – i.e. shopping via live stream – has long been standard in China...


e-commerce technology

ROQQIO editorial staff | 09. February 2022

Voice Commerce: The future of online trading?

"Alexa, order me black socks." "Hey Siri, I need new kitchen towels." What initially sounded utopian has long since arrived in reality. Language assistants such as Siri, Cortana,...


e-commerce technology

Franz S. Alt | 13. April 2021

Logistics can be so sustainable

The smaller the footprint. the better. Many manufacturers and retailers are quickly pinched when it comes to real sustainability in the logistics chain. You are looking for...


e-commerce trade

ROQQIO editorial staff | 20. January 2021

The perfect fit? How to recognize the right omnichannel solution

The decision for software can sometimes be difficult, after all the investment should give your company a clear advantage and remain in use for a longer period of time. These 9...


e-commerce trade

ROQQIO editorial staff | 10. December 2020

Sustainability in retail: A look at consumers

While some companies have anchored sustainability in their DNA for decades, the big changes in the consumer goods industry are yet to come. Nevertheless: Sustainability is no...


digitalization e-commerce omnichannel

Martin Öztürk | 18. November 2020

The omnichannel iceberg: Large backend processes are hidden

Martin Öztürk, Sales Consultant at ROQQIO and expert for complex backend processes, explains the challenges in omnichannel commerce and shows which solutions are available.


digitalization e-commerce trade

Martin Öztürk | 05. October 2020

Logistics: challenges and potential in omnichannel commerce

Today's customer expects a smooth shopping experience across all touchpoints. In omnichannel commerce, numerous extremely complex processes have to be mapped in the backend and...

Digital Signage: Kundin nutzt Touchscreen

digitalization e-commerce

Ibrahim Mazari | 02. September 2020

Retail Digital Signage: What Works?

The digital transformation of stationary retail is in full swing and digital signage is an essential part of an omnichannel approach. Why is that? Because before we get into the...


digitalization e-commerce m-commerce omnichannel

Jens Leucke | 25. February 2020

Omnichannel and multichannel explained - how to find the right strategy for your customer service

The hype surrounding omnichannel and multichannel in sales and customer support certainly hasn't passed you by, because these two terms are flooding blogs and magazines - and...


digitalization e-commerce omnichannel

Martin Öztürk | 24. January 2020

Omnichannel management: How a central platform improves the interaction of your employees