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Generation Z am Smartphone

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ROQQIO editorial staff | 21. May 2022

Generation Z and their contradictions


digitalization trade

ROQQIO editorial staff | 29. March 2022

Digitization guide: How retail companies become digital

Digital change is one of the key challenges in the retail industry. It is also a must in order to sustainably increase efficiency in the company, reduce costs, increase sales and...


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ROQQIO editorial staff | 10. March 2022

Sensory Marketing: How Scent, Light and Music enhance Retail

In the future, consumers would like to shop more in brick-and-mortar stores again. This is proven by the current study "What Matters to Today's Consumer" by the Capgemini Research...



ROQQIO editorial staff | 02. March 2022

This is what the city center of the future will look like

The question of whether retail and inner cities – as we know them – will survive in the future has been around for a long time. E-commerce continues to grow, partly due to the...


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ROQQIO editorial staff | 16. February 2022

Live shopping: fad or new shopping experience?

Entertainment and shopping are increasingly merging and can hardly be separated from one another. Live shopping – i.e. shopping via live stream – has long been standard in China...



ROQQIO editorial staff | 09. June 2021

Green e-commerce: how to make online retail more sustainable?

Sustainable online trading – is that even possible? Destruction of goods, high CO2 emissions from transport and a lot of packaging waste are just a few factors that have a heavy...



Maximilian von Forstner | 28. April 2021

Ship-from-Store: The Big Opportunity for Retailers

A survey by Digital Commerce found that for 68 percent of consumers, fast shipping is the key to ordering online. For this reason, online marketplaces, especially Amazon, are...


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ROQQIO editorial staff | 20. January 2021

The perfect fit? How to recognize the right omnichannel solution

The decision for software can sometimes be difficult, after all the investment should give your company a clear advantage and remain in use for a longer period of time. These 9...


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ROQQIO editorial staff | 10. December 2020

Sustainability in retail: A look at consumers

While some companies have anchored sustainability in their DNA for decades, the big changes in the consumer goods industry are yet to come. Nevertheless: Sustainability is no...


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ROQQIO editorial staff | 13. November 2020

The future of stationary retail: Checkout is becoming more digital and mobile

"Payment is becoming more diverse, more digital and, above all, more mobile." This is the result of a representative study for which VR Payment and the EHI Retail Institute...


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Martin Öztürk | 05. October 2020

Logistics: challenges and potential in omnichannel commerce

Today's customer expects a smooth shopping experience across all touchpoints. In omnichannel commerce, numerous extremely complex processes have to be mapped in the backend and...