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ROQQIO editorial staff | 21. August 2020

Connected commerce & customer centricity: Where is stationary retail?

Stationary trade is currently working, sometimes at full speed, on its digitization. The focus is on the expansion and integration of your touchpoints and the introduction of customer-related services. We spoke to Lars Hofacker, head of the E-Commerce research department at EHI, about the status quo and the potential...


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Ludger Gerdes | 30. June 2020

It's all a question of the label

What do you actually think of when it comes to a label? In the context of online trading, one can of course first think of a fashion label, but above all e-commerce is about the...


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ROQQIO editorial staff | 19. June 2020

Channel integration & customer-related services in the focus of retail

Retail wants to become more digital, standardize the purchasing processes across the touchpoints and focus on the customer. This is shown by the study "Connected Retail 2020....



ROQQIO editorial staff | 02. March 2020

POS marketing: ideas for addressing customers in times of digital commerce

POS marketing must take into account the changed shopping habits and customer requirements in the age of digital commerce. Discover ideas for your shop here.


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ROQQIO editorial staff | 26. February 2020

On the future of inner cities: what digitization can achieve

Stationary retail has increasingly struggled in recent years: a shift towards e-commerce has resulted in fewer visitors and falling sales. This development reached its sad climax...

Social Commerce

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ROQQIO editorial staff | 17. February 2020

Social Commerce: Features, Benefits, and Challenges

Social commerce combines online shopping with a social component. We show you advantages, challenges and which platforms and apps offer corresponding functions.


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ROQQIO editorial staff | 20. January 2020

Online marketplaces in Germany: an overview of sales platforms

Marketplaces are clear drivers of online trade, as the EHI/Statista study "E-Commerce Market Germany 2021" shows. The online shop with the highest turnover is Amazon with a...


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ROQQIO editorial staff | 29. November 2019

Avoiding returns in online retail