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Digital change: with the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud overview in real time

With the Commerce Cloud, ROQQIO offers a backend solution that helps IT staff and relieves them of their complex tasks. In this way, the resulting complexity of all processes in e-commerce is reduced enormously and also "decoupled" from the existing IT infrastructure.

An IT infrastructure with many interfaces, legacy systems that are getting on in years, it takes a lot of time to connect new online sales channels such as eShop or marketplaces and an enormous flood of data: Today's IT manager (Chief Information Officer or CIO) is in his company facing major challenges and its role is becoming increasingly important due to increasing digitization. The complexity of the tasks and the pressure on the CIO are constantly increasing. The Logicalis Global CIO Survey 2019 shows that almost half of all 888 IT leaders surveyed worldwide are less satisfied with their job for this reason. In a digital world full of (technological) changes, quick reactions are essential for a company to be able to keep up with the competition. The CIO naturally creates the framework for this by introducing new technologies or processes in the organization and also taking care of the maintenance of the IT infrastructure. He has to master the balancing act between maintaining existing technology and introducing new, digital businesses.

With the Commerce Cloud, software developer ROQQIO offers a backend solution that supports IT staff and relieves them of their complex tasks. In this way, the resulting complexity of all processes in e-commerce is reduced enormously and also "decoupled" from the existing IT infrastructure. The result is that the existing IT systems perceive all online sales channels as just a single interface. All trading, shipping, warehousing and logistics processes are combined in a central system and all relevant e-business processes are mapped automatically. For seamless networking, the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud is easily integrated into the existing infrastructure. In addition, data is merged in a homogenized manner, reproduced in a uniform format and made available to the entire team in almost real time. In this way, the CIO quickly obtains an overview of e-business, can allocate resources in a well thought-out manner and react quickly to changes.

Even the e-commerce manager of a company is no longer slowed down by interfaces or a flood of data. With the help of the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud, he can easily integrate further touchpoints, such as websites, social media channels or branches, into the IT landscape. E-commerce business models are implemented more easily because the entire corporate IT does not have to be restructured. Changes are implemented faster and the company's online presence can keep up with the change. New marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Co. are connected in a very short time because the interface already exists.

“The entire team has all orders from all sales channels in a clearly prepared format, as the data is stored centrally. Orders are not only processed more quickly, but the entire company is fit for the digital future more quickly. Department managers and employees work with the same database, overcome departmental boundaries and can act flexibly together," explains Martin Öztürk, Sales Consultant at ROQQIO. "Ultimately, the end customers also notice this in their shopping experience, for example through smoothly networked sales channels."



ROQQIO offers software solutions and concepts for the implementation of the customer journey in omnichannel retail. The portfolio includes systems for merchandise control, POS and the enterprise SaaS application ROQQIO Commerce Cloud. This manages different sales channels and controls complex backend processes, including order management, payment and logistics. The combination of these stationary and online technologies enables a seamless omnichannel experience. Processes such as Click & Collect or the exchange of goods bought online in the branch work smoothly. More than 1,500 companies already trust in the services and solutions of the commerce experts from ROQQIO.


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