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Generation Z am Smartphone

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ROQQIO editorial staff | 21. May 2022

Generation Z and their contradictions


digitalization Commerce

ROQQIO editorial staff | 29. March 2022

Digitization guide: How retail companies become digital

Digital change is one of the key challenges in the retail industry. It is also a must in order to sustainably increase efficiency in the company, reduce costs, increase sales and...


digitalization Commerce

Martin Öztürk | 18. November 2020

The omnichannel iceberg: Large backend processes are hidden

Martin Öztürk, Sales Consultant at ROQQIO and expert for complex backend processes, explains the challenges in omnichannel commerce and shows which solutions are available.


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ROQQIO editorial staff | 13. November 2020

The future of stationary retail: Checkout is becoming more digital and mobile

"Payment is becoming more diverse, more digital and, above all, more mobile." This is the result of a representative study for which VR Payment and the EHI Retail Institute...


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Martin Öztürk | 05. October 2020

Logistics: challenges and potential in omnichannel commerce

Today's customer expects a smooth shopping experience across all touchpoints. In omnichannel commerce, numerous extremely complex processes have to be mapped in the backend and...

Digital Signage: Kundin nutzt Touchscreen

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Ibrahim Mazari | 02. September 2020

Retail Digital Signage: What Works?

The digital transformation of stationary retail is in full swing and digital signage is an essential part of an omnichannel approach. Why is that? Because before we get into the...


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Ludger Gerdes | 30. June 2020

It's all a question of the label

What do you actually think of when it comes to a label? In the context of online trading, one can of course first think of a fashion label, but above all e-commerce is about the...


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ROQQIO editorial staff | 19. June 2020

Channel integration & customer-related services in the focus of retail

Retail wants to become more digital, standardize the purchasing processes across the touchpoints and focus on the customer. This is shown by the study "Connected Retail 2020....


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ROQQIO editorial staff | 26. February 2020

On the future of inner cities: what digitization can achieve

Stationary retail has increasingly struggled in recent years: a shift towards e-commerce has resulted in fewer visitors and falling sales. This development reached its sad climax...


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Jens Leucke | 25. February 2020

Omnichannel and multichannel explained - how to find the right strategy for your customer service

The hype surrounding omnichannel and multichannel in sales and customer support certainly hasn't passed you by, because these two terms are flooding blogs and magazines - and...

Social Commerce

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ROQQIO editorial staff | 17. February 2020

Social Commerce: Features, Benefits, and Challenges

Social commerce combines online shopping with a social component. We show you advantages, challenges and which platforms and apps offer corresponding functions.