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Commerce technology

ROQQIO editorial staff | 15. March 2022

Sustainable website: How to make your website greener

Digitization has made many things easier and more environmentally friendly in our everyday life: digital communication channels reduce paper consumption, working from home and online meetings eliminate the need to drive to work, and digital recordings of product life cycles reveal resource savings in production and...


Commerce technology

ROQQIO editorial staff | 09. February 2022

Voice Commerce: The future of online trading?

"Alexa, order me black socks." "Hey Siri, I need new kitchen towels." What initially sounded utopian has long since arrived in reality. Language assistants such as Siri, Cortana,...


Commerce technology

Franz S. Alt | 13. April 2021

Logistics can be so sustainable

The smaller the footprint. the better. Many manufacturers and retailers are quickly pinched when it comes to real sustainability in the logistics chain. You are looking for...