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ROQQIO makes every ERP “e-commerce ready”

The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud fits into the existing system architecture and supplements the systems with missing or defective functions and processes, thus connecting the ERP world with digital commerce.

Developments in e-commerce are rapid. New digital sales channels, changing buyer behavior combined with high expectations of services and availability pose major challenges for established retailers. How can commercially available software keep up with this environment?

New marketplaces and social selling platforms such as Instagram are being added more and more quickly to the established large online marketplaces such as Amazon, Otto or eBay. The study "The Marketplace World 2020" by Ecom Consulting covers more than 170 different online marketplaces in the DACH region alone (as of January 2020). Compared to 2015, when there were only 81, this number has more than doubled in 5 years. Companies such as the bicycle manufacturer ROSE Bikes are becoming a marketplace themselves and, in addition to their own goods, are also offering products from other brands on their sales platform. In addition, entire trading areas, such as social & content commerce, are being completely reshaped.

With this agile development dynamic of digital commerce and its cross-channel sales processes, ERP systems cannot keep pace in terms of processes. Because their core areas are traditionally production planning, material procurement or accounting, which naturally requires other data formats and processes.

"The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud fits into the existing system architecture and supplements the systems with missing or defective functions and processes, thus connecting the ERP world with digital commerce - without making time-consuming and costly modifications to the existing systems. In this way, even a legacy ERP like the good old AS400 can be made "e-commerce-ready"," says Mario Raatz, CEO of the software developer ROQQIO.

“ERP and e-commerce belong together, but are often still far apart from each other in terms of processes and systems. With the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud, conventional business software and e-commerce become a well-functioning overall system," says Frank Noss, Sales & Partner Consultant at omnichannel specialist ROQQIO.

Customers today expect a seamless shopping experience: They want to browse the online shop, order with a click and have the product delivered to a desired branch or have the option of returning it there. The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud enables retailers to sell their goods on the desired marketplace and to combine all trading, shipping, warehousing and logistics processes in one central system - whether online or offline. Store goods are offered on different sales channels at the same time, stocks are updated automatically, and the right warehouse is selected for a delivery. This guarantees short delivery times and high service quality, thereby generating a high level of customer satisfaction.

Despite frequent updates, the existing software systems are naturally not geared to these new, agile processes and demands of the online sales world. “Reality shows that the data requirements for ERP and e-commerce systems often differ significantly. These are two worlds whose technologies are evolving in completely different ways in terms of speed and flexibility. Missing interfaces result in poor product data management, delayed data comparison and process breaks, combined with high manual effort. With the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud, we can also make grown legacy systems and IT infrastructures e-commerce-capable and thus implement digital state-of-the-art concepts that enable stationary trade with low investments and a faster time-to-market -Market to get involved in online trading," says Raatz.



ROQQIO offers software solutions and concepts for the implementation of the customer journey in omnichannel retail. The portfolio includes systems for merchandise control, POS and the enterprise SaaS application ROQQIO Commerce Cloud. This manages different sales channels and controls complex backend processes, including order management, payment and logistics. The combination of these stationary and online technologies enables a seamless omnichannel experience. Processes such as Click & Collect or the exchange of goods bought online in the branch work smoothly. More than 1,500 companies already trust in the services and solutions of the commerce experts from ROQQIO.


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