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ROSE Bikes builds platforms and relies on omnichannel from ROQQIO

To achieve its goals, ROSE Bikes relies on ROQQIO solutions for flexible end customer processes. “The solutions correspond to the digital, agile approach to work at ROSE Bikes. It quickly became clear to our project team that we could only achieve the desired flexibility of our online first and omnichannel logic with ROQQIO," says Marcus Diekmann.

ROSE Bikes, developer of bicycles, accessories and fashion, designs and assembles bikes in their own factory and supplies them all over the world. Founded in 1907, the company has been able to develop into an "online first" omnichannel retailer in recent years. The stationary shops and the online sales platform become one: ROSE Bikes connects the online and offline sales worlds and, in addition to the web shop, offers a comprehensive service network with so-called experience, service and sales touchpoints. Customers can contact experts there at any time. ROSE is divided into two business areas: on the one hand, the company is a manufacturer of bikes, clothing, parts and accessories and, on the other hand, a cross-brand retailer with 45,000 items. In the next few months, the number of products in the web shop – which the company is expanding into a platform – is set to increase to 75,000. Because ROSE Bikes is also offering the online store to other brands as a sales platform with growing success. The e-commerce specialist ROQQIO supports the bicycle supplier in its "Mission Future" and with its solutions is an essential part of the IT architecture.

ROSE Bikes sales have already grown by 20 percent to 102 million euros in 2019. In 2020 it is expected to increase by 25 percent to 127 million euros. The manufacturer already generates more than 80 percent of the total turnover via its online shop, which had 13.5 million hits in 2019.

A conventional web shop and the expansion of the five shops in Germany and the branch in Switzerland are not enough to become the innovation leader in the bicycle industry. The selection in the categories "Clothing", "Bike Accessories" and "Bike Parts" has already been expanded to include products from other manufacturers and brands. Each product is carefully selected and only included in the portfolio if it meets the requirements of ROSE Bikes' premium customers. The sales platform guarantees external brands and manufacturers an attractive presentation of their goods and guides the 15 million ROSE Bikes customers to the right product more quickly by selecting the products on offer.

"We want to keep the brand as the most important sporty lifestyle bike brand in Germany and also no longer just see ourselves as a pure dealer, i.e. as a buyer and seller, but as a connector. Because as a link between customers, manufacturers and partners, we will develop into a "curated long tail" in retail in the future. Our goals are to offer the customer an attractive platform and experience. Reliability of our products, prices and services are important components. Customers can find the right product quickly, easily and reliably. We offer our manufacturers access to 15 million fans of bikes, clothing and accessories - this is the future of retail," says Marcus Diekmann, who, alongside Erwin Rose, Thorsten Heckrath-Rose and Stefanie Rose, is an equal managing director of ROSE Bikes. When implementing his goals, Marcus Diekmann relies on a three-part, well-networked IT infrastructure: "Firstly, an ERP system for the standard processes, secondly, strong middleware from ROQQIO for the flexible end customer processes and thirdly the shop for sales. Not only to integrate the best software in each area, but also to be able to implement important milestones faster.”

ROSE needs scalable omnichannel order management to efficiently link the stationary branches with the new online sales platform. ROQQIO enables ROSE to centrally manage and control inventories and orders across channels and locations, as well as their shipping and returns processing. In brick-and-mortar retail, the POS solutions from ROQQIO will be used before autumn. In-store and checkout apps with self-checkout offer customers a seamless shopping experience and connect e-commerce with the processes in the stationary branch. The customer is served exactly where he is - whether it is about his purchase decision or a service, online or offline. Together on "Mission Future", the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud, as a central element, takes on the processing of all order, shipping and logistics processes as well as the linking of the other systems involved according to the premise "Best of Breed", for example a production ERP. “The solutions correspond to the digital, agile approach to work at ROSE Bikes. It quickly became clear to our project team that we could only achieve the desired flexibility of our online-first and omnichannel logic with ROQQIO," says Diekmann.



ROQQIO offers software solutions and concepts for the implementation of the customer journey in omnichannel retail. The portfolio includes systems for merchandise control, POS and the enterprise SaaS application ROQQIO Commerce Cloud. This manages different sales channels and controls complex backend processes, including order management, payment and logistics. The combination of these stationary and online technologies enables a seamless omnichannel experience. Processes such as Click & Collect or the exchange of goods bought online in the branch work smoothly. More than 1,500 companies already trust in the services and solutions of the commerce experts from ROQQIO.


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