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Logistics can be so sustainable

The smaller the footprint. the better. Many manufacturers and retailers are quickly pinched when it comes to real sustainability in the logistics chain. You are looking for logistics service providers who can meet all customers and requirements in an environmentally friendly manner without skyrocketing costs. A complex business that requires attention to detail and people.

The triumph of e-commerce

Click, off to the shopping cart. Shopping is that easy. Wholesalers and retailers generate around 15 percent via e-commerce. A study by the Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel Deutschland e.V. (bevh) recently drew a picture of the triumph of eCommerce and an industry that already employs more than 1.2 million people directly and indirectly and, with around 100 billion euros, accounts for almost three percentage points (2nd ,9) contributes to the gross domestic product.

With the booming Internet trade, the demands are increasing. In addition to fast delivery and uncomplicated returns processing, end consumers attach more importance to environmentally friendly logistics. With increasing quantities, retailers and manufacturers are still facing greater challenges. In addition, climate policy with regulations increases the complexity of logistics.

Sustainable know-how

More and more companies are entrusting their logistics service providers who have sustainably optimized their processes with know-how and investments. With its four sustainably designed locations in Plattling, Passau, Aschaffenburg and Gelsenkirchen, FineCom is one of the sustainable service providers in its industry.

For his customers from the high-quality textiles and lifestyle segments, he can avoid the disposal of returns by almost 100 percent. In the best-case scenario, returns find their way back into the market as processed A-goods. For this sustainable cycle, expert staff examine the goods and treat damage, stains or odors. With partners like Roqqio, FineCom realizes its claim to error-free processes without detours. Fully digitized processes are best connected seamlessly to the processes of retailers and CEP services via the cloud.

Geographically well-placed logistics centers ensure short transport routes. Partially automated processes and highly professional systems minimize the use of space throughout the logistics process. In addition, FineCom saves plastic everywhere. Shipping boxes are made from grass and mailers are made from recycled paper. 100 percent recycled poly bags are used in the largely plastic-free warehousing. Each product is packaged appropriately so that as little air as possible blocks the space in the delivery truck when shipped with DHL Go Green.

Overall, every single resource used in the process has been carefully considered. In principle, FineCom only uses green electricity in the logistics centers, a large part of which comes from its own photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the large halls. On the consumption side, modern technology such as LED lighting minimizes consumption. In addition, FineCom is converting the fleet to hybrid vehicles, replacing fossil fuels as far as possible.


Sustainability down to the last detail

At Finecom, the concept of sustainability encompasses every detail. New approaches are constantly optimizing the process. Sometimes little things that have an immediately noticeable effect on the large quantities. Since 2020, instead of loose filling material made of plastic or Styrofoam, scraps of waste paper in small bags have been protecting the products in the box. Some of them even come back with returns and can be reused until they finally become waste paper again.

FineCom acts particularly sustainably when it comes to personnel development. From training to career entry and advancement to retirement and beyond, flexible working time models adapt to every life situation. The HR department currently has 80 different models ranging from part-time to full-time with or without childcare. The aim is to accompany all employees on their long-term journey. Whether further training, time off or family time, the employment contracts reflect every need at all times. For this employee-oriented and long-term approach, Finecom was awarded the Bavarian Family Pact, among other things.


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Franz S. Alt

Franz S. Alt

Franz S. Alt is the managing director of Alt FineCom Logistik GmbH, headquartered in Plattling, Lower Bavaria, and an expert in e-commerce logistics. With 300 employees and digitized processes, he currently manages a total of 95,000 m² of logistics space at four locations with special know-how in returns management. Sustainable corporate management in an industry that is booming is important to him.

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