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Generation Z am Smartphone

digitalization Commerce

ROQQIO editorial staff | 21. May 2022

Generation Z and their contradictions


digitalization Commerce

ROQQIO editorial staff | 29. March 2022

Digitization guide: How retail companies become digital

Digital change is one of the key challenges in the retail industry. It is also a must in order to sustainably increase efficiency in the company, reduce costs, increase sales and...


Commerce technology

ROQQIO editorial staff | 15. March 2022

Sustainable website: How to make your website greener

Digitization has made many things easier and more environmentally friendly in our everyday life: digital communication channels reduce paper consumption, working from home and...



ROQQIO editorial staff | 10. March 2022

Sensory Marketing: How Scent, Light and Music enhance Retail

In the future, consumers would like to shop more in brick-and-mortar stores again. This is proven by the current study "What Matters to Today's Consumer" by the Capgemini Research...



ROQQIO editorial staff | 02. March 2022

This is what the city center of the future will look like

The question of whether retail and inner cities – as we know them – will survive in the future has been around for a long time. E-commerce continues to grow, partly due to the...



ROQQIO editorial staff | 16. February 2022

Live shopping: fad or new shopping experience?

Entertainment and shopping are increasingly merging and can hardly be separated from one another. Live shopping – i.e. shopping via live stream – has long been standard in China...


Commerce technology

ROQQIO editorial staff | 09. February 2022

Voice Commerce: The future of online trading?

"Alexa, order me black socks." "Hey Siri, I need new kitchen towels." What initially sounded utopian has long since arrived in reality. Language assistants such as Siri, Cortana,...



ROQQIO editorial staff | 09. June 2021

Green e-commerce: how to make online retail more sustainable?

Sustainable online trading – is that even possible? Destruction of goods, high CO2 emissions from transport and a lot of packaging waste are just a few factors that have a heavy...



Maximilian von Forstner | 28. April 2021

Ship-from-Store: The Big Opportunity for Retailers

A survey by Digital Commerce found that for 68 percent of consumers, fast shipping is the key to ordering online. For this reason, online marketplaces, especially Amazon, are...


Commerce technology

Franz S. Alt | 13. April 2021

Logistics can be so sustainable

The smaller the footprint. the better. Many manufacturers and retailers are quickly pinched when it comes to real sustainability in the logistics chain. You are looking for...



ROQQIO editorial staff | 20. January 2021

The perfect fit? How to recognize the right omnichannel solution

The decision for software can sometimes be difficult, after all the investment should give your company a clear advantage and remain in use for a longer period of time. These 9...